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Experiential Learning

Lakeside offers students a unique educational experience: small, full-immersion, field-oriented courses. Most courses meet all day (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Monday through Friday. Course enrollments are usually limited to 11 students. Weather permitting, students normally spend at least part of each day doing fieldwork.

Students from any college or university can take classes at Lakeside. If you are a student at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, or Drake University, your credits and grades are recorded at your home school. If you attend another college or university, your credits and grades are recorded at the University of Iowa.

Before registering, please check with your academic adviser to determine if specific courses can be used to satisfy major, minor, college or university requirements at your institution.

Lakeside students may reside on or off campus. We strongly encourage independent study by undergraduates and thesis and dissertation research by graduate students.

Tuition and Fees

Students at Iowa Lakeside Lab pay tuition, room and board. The diatoms course has an additional course fee of $130.

The University of Iowa will send you an email notification of these charges, which you will pay online. Billing at The University of Iowa

A nonrefundable $100.00 deposit must be paid to the Iowa Lakeside Lab Administrative Office before your registration will be processed. This will be credited to your Ubill.

The 2018 tuition is $312.00 per credit hour for undergraduate students and $524.00 per credit hour for graduate students.(These rates are subject to change pending Iowa Board of Regents tuition decisions.)

Room and board costs $225.00 to $425.00 per week, depending on the housing you select.


aquatic ecology students
General Scholarships

For the summer of 2018, Lakeside Lab and the Friends of Lakeside Lab are offering a limited number of $225/week (4 week max.) room and board scholarships to qualified students who register for a Lakeside Lab course and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. In exchange, students provide 3 hours of service each week at the campus. To apply, please follow the instructions contained in the on-line registration form when you register for your Lakeside Lab course.

Students at North American Diatom Conference
Endowed Scholarships

The Friends of Lakeside Lab administer nine endowed scholarships for students taking classes at Lakeside

International Students

Lakeside Lab welcomes participation by international students and scholars. Our staff is happy to help you plan your study here.

If you are already in the United States on a student visa your current I-20 should be valid for your summer study at Lakeside Lab (as long as your I-20 does not expire before your Lakeside course ends).

If you are not currently studying in the United States on a student visa, you have the option to participate in study at Lakeside Lab as an international scholar. You will not earn academic credit for your study but you will receive a certificate for your participation. You will need to obtain a US visitor visa to participate at Lakeside Lab. You will be billed the equivalent of undergraduate tuition for this option, as well as room and board.


Submit the online registration form and non-refundable deposit as soon as possible to reserve your space in the course you’d like to attend. $100 deposit for Undergraduate, Graduate and Audit Credit. $500 deposit for International Scholar Registration


If you are currently in the US on a student visa, The University of Iowa International Admissions Office will contact you to verify your student visa status.

If you are currently outside of the US, you will need to obtain a visitor visa to enter the US and participate at Lakeside Lab as an international scholar.


If you are attending Lakeside as an international student on a student visa from another university, be sure to have the Lakeside staff help you check in with the University of Iowa International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Please have the following documents ready: passport, visa, I-94 card (issued when you enter the US), and stamped I-20 form.


If you are currently in the US on a student visa you will enroll at your current level of study. You will be billed $312 per credit hour for undergraduate credit or $524 per credit hour for graduate credit. Transcripts of your bachelor’s degree are required to earn graduate credit. You will also be billed $225-$425 per week for room and board depending on your housing choice. If you have a GPA of 3.0 you may apply for a room and board scholarship. You will pay your bill through The University of Iowa’s online billing system.

If you attend Lakeside as an international scholar you will pay $312 per credit hour for the course(s) in which you participate. You will also be required to pay $225-$425 per week for room and board depending on your housing choice. You will pay $100.00 for a round trip shuttle from the Sioux Falls, SD airport (SFD). You also need to factor in the cost of your flight to the U.S. and additional spending on snacks and entertainment while at Lakeside Lab. You will be invoiced for the conference tuition, room and board, and airport shuttle (if applicable) via email and will be required to pay your bill online with a credit card.

Resources for International Students